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How to make a cucumber sushi roll

How to make a cucumber sushi roll

This cucumber roll is filled with a vibrant trio of fresh, raw salmon, creamy avocado and smooth cream cheese, but you can fill your sushi roll with anything – tuna, shrimp, asparagus, furikake, masago! The rice is no longer required since we don’t use nori sheets to hold it all together. The sticky rice served as a glue to help adhere the seaweed to rest of the sushi roll. Since our roll is wrapped in cucumber slices, we cleverly sidestep the need for rice.

Note about the macros. Even though 2 cucumbers are used, I only counted the macros for 1 cucumber since each cucumber, you are only eating about half of it. 

How to make a cucumber sushi roll

Once you get the cucumber sliced, the rest of the assembly is easy when making cucumber rolls. This method of slicing the cucumber is the safest and fastest as well – unless you are good with a knife or a professional sushi chef.

  1. Cut the cucumber into very thin slices. Instead of using a sharp knife and risking injury from cutting your finger, use a vegetable peeler or mandoline.
  2. Layer the cucumber slices on a bamboo mat with a sheet of plastic wrap on top, ensuring they overlap to prevent your filling from falling out when you roll.
  3. Add your sushi ingredients – raw salmon, avocado slices, strips of cream cheese.
  4. Sushi roll. Start to roll the mat tightly over the sushi, then release and pull the plastic wrap out so you aren’t rolling the plastic wrap within the sushi roll.
  5. Freeze or refrigerate. Doing a short chill (5-10 minutes) with the roll covered in plastic wrap, allows the cucumber sushi roll to firm up so it will hold together when slicing.
  6. Slice into naruto rolls using a sharp knife.

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